TV show seeking stories from prosecutor offices

Shed Media in Los Angeles is in their third season of a true-crime documentary series, Criminal Confessions on Oxygen. The show is produced by Wolf Films (creator of Law and Order), Emmy Award-winning production company Shed Media Group and NBCUniversal. 

Criminal Confessions focuses on the successful investigations of solved, adjudicated homicides made possible by video-confessions and expert police interviews.  The goal of the show is to highlight the amazing work that law enforcement investigators do during interviews to convince suspects to tell the truth about their crimes, and is told from the law enforcement’s point of view. 

We are currently seeking cases that:

  • Are fully adjudicated/not in appeal;
  • Have audio/ video footage of the criminal denying their involvement, and eventually confessing to their crime(s);
  • Have audio/ video footage of other persons of interest;
  • Highlights great interview techniques put into action. We want to highlight your skill!

If you have a case for consideration or would like to learn more about the program, please contact Max Cheney at 619-379-4903 or [email protected].