A roundup of ­notable quotables

“These intellectual elites, the only thing they know about the human condition they purchased in a college bookstore. They’ve never been in the arena. They’ve never seen it. You can earn a Ph.D. in humanity, or inhumanity, by just driving around in the squad car for an entire summer on the South or West Side.”

—an unnamed Chicago police officer in an article called “What Cops Know” in Chicago Magazine’s July 2017 issue.

“I’m here to serve and protect—and I guess today, to walk up some stairs for you folks.”

—DPS Trooper Brian Washko when approached by a TDCAA film crew needing footage of officers dropping off evidence at the DPS headquarters in Austin. You’ll be able to see Trooper Washko—along with members of the Williamson County Attorney’s Office, Houston Police Department, and the DPS forensic lab—in two new videos on the DWI Resources page at www.tdcaa.com/dwi.

“Americans are just waking up to the fact that their smart devices are going to snitch on them.”

—Andrew Ferguson, a University of the District of Columbia law professor, in an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper about how Facebook, cell phones, key fobs, household alarm systems, and other data-collecting devices can be used by law enforcement to solve crimes.

“You can’t fix stupid, but you can give it a court date.”

—Irving police officer Stephen Burres III, in an article in the Dallas Morning News. In the 1990s, Burres worked at the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office when he was hit by a drunken driver and his leg was broken in 25 places, ending his dream of becoming a state trooper. These days, he works in the Irving PD’s DWI unit investigating intoxicated drivers.