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Driving While Intoxicated Case Law

by Jessica Frazier
Bexar County Asst. Criminal District Attorney

Updated July 2018 | Searchable online version |Download PDF

Field Sobriety Test Review

by Stephanie Greger
Williamson County Criminal Division Chief

Updated October 2018 | Online version |Download PDF

24Hr SFST Practitioner Student manual: Download PDF


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PDF icon Changes in 2013 SFST68.2 KB
PDF icon Ft Bend Co DWI Search Warrant 06.13.pdf362.3 KB
Microsoft Office document icon DeptLetterPC&S.DIC24DIC25revis.doc37 KB
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PDF icon Revised THP-51 Form 6 _9-9-09_ _2_.pdf74.04 KB
Microsoft Office document icon DWI blood search warrant4.doc79.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon CURRENT BLOOD DRAW CHECKLIST UPDATED JUNE 14 2010 (3).doc24 KB
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PDF icon HIPAA - Exceptions for Law Enforcement Access To.pdf36.32 KB
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PDF icon 01 Admissibility Of HGN.pdf628.94 KB
PDF icon 02 Alcohol Toxicology For Prosecutors.pdf593.35 KB
PDF icon 03 Breath Testing For Prosecutors.pdf351.02 KB
PDF icon 04 Crash Reconstruction Basics For Prosecutors.pdf680.06 KB
PDF icon 05 Drug Evaluation Classification.pdf601.82 KB
PDF icon 06 Drug Toxicology For Prosecutors.pdf378.75 KB
PDF icon 07 Overcoming Impaired Driving Defenses.pdf637.19 KB
PDF icon NTLC Challenges and Defenses II.pdf610.35 KB
PDF icon CDL_Monograph.pdf9.31 MB
File DWI Template DWI.pptx3.25 MB
PDF icon American Optometrist HGN Resolution11.96 KB
PDF icon Validation of sobriety tests for the marine environment DEC 2010.pdf425.88 KB
File HGN tests as demonstrative evidence.docx15.65 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Prosecution - Alcohol Related Studies.doc31.5 KB
PDF icon NHTSA SFST Student Manual 200608.pdf2.01 MB
File McNeely-Clay's Case Summery.docx19.06 KB
File MCNeely-Colorado-Medical Exigency.docx14.06 KB
Microsoft Office document icon McNeely-Harris-Exigent Circumstances List.doc565.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon McNeely-Harris-Policy Memo 4 26 13.doc566.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon McNeely-Tarrant-Brief.doc73.5 KB
PDF icon Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor 8 Hard Copy.pdf881.71 KB
Microsoft Office document icon McNeely Nueces Trial Brief2.doc72 KB
PDF icon Clay's powerpoint outline.pdf90.43 KB
Microsoft Office document icon McNeely Denton Trial Brief - Template.doc79 KB
Microsoft Office document icon mcneely-tarrant-template brief.doc102 KB
PDF icon TDCAA Field Sobriety Test Review 2015.pdf387.38 KB
PDF icon TDCAA Case Law Update 12-01-2015.pdf3.13 MB
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