Punishment & Probation (2023-2025)

Punishment & Probation, written by TDCAA Senior Staff Counsel Diane Beckham, covers all the law relevant to sentencing. Punishment & Probation, first published in 2014, has been updated with the latest statutes (from the 2023 session) and caselaw from the U.S. Supreme Court and Texas courts.

Complete with charts that spell out potential sentencing options for different types of offenses, Punishment & Probation describes the application of Code of Criminal Procedure Chapters 42 and 42A for sentencing, community supervision, deferred adjudication, and pretrial diversion. The book also includes information about:

  • admonishments;
  • multiple offenses;
  • punishment evidence;
  • time credit;
  • financial payments (including restitution and court costs);
  • enhancements;
  • collateral consequences;
  • judgments;
  • parole;
  • community supervision eligibility, conditions, and revocation; and
  • differences between community supervision and deferred adjudication.